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Methods in Dialectology conferences have been taking place every three years since 1972, at venues generally alternating between Europe and Canada. Beginning as a forum for the discussion of methodological issues in dialect research, they have steadily expanded their scope and now encompass the entire range of matters of regional, historical, and social language variation. Any and all languages are included within the compass of the Methods series.

In a world of virtual communication and increasing opportunities for geographical mobility, both the basis for linguistic variation and the types of variation that are frequently encountered are hanging. The field of dialectology is also hanging - therefore, the theme for the 15th edition of Methods in Dialectology is The Future of dialects. One of the aims of the conference is to bring traditional approaches to dialectology together with the latest advances in data collection technologies, new analysis instruments, and new interpretations of the concept of 'dialect'.

Methods in Dialectology is a triennial conference that alternates between Canada and Europe. Methods XV will be held at the University of Groningen from Monday 11 August to Friday 15 August 2014. We are proud to announce that the following speakers have accepted our invitation to deliver keynote addresses at the conference:


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